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FinTech is growing at an exciting rate attracting considerable investment all over the globe and in nearly every sphere of the financial world. Aon has a global network of offices and so can be with you as your business becomes global, thus we are vital in helping FinTech businesses secure profit, growth and continuity. Whether the business in a new FinTech start-up looking to become the next global unicorn or a legacy financial institution looking to work with and/ or develop their own FinTech capabilities, Aon is here to partner them on this journey.

FinTech Risks

Aon currently services a number of FinTech clients, from some of the world’s largest in the top 10 to those with less than 5 employees. Aon has 10 dedicated expert staff in its specialist FinTech practice group which offers risk consultancy and risk transfer services. Aon is continuing to advance these products and developing a unique FinTech product offering which utilises Aon’s whole suite of services.

Aon has a proven track record helping the world’s largest businesses and the world’s smallest be the best they can.

FinTech is a sphere where Aon looks to continue this experience.

Aon’s FinTech offering can ultimately help secure:


Optimising cost and use of capital in order to maximise profitability and performance.


Managing risks as you grow across the FinTech industry, channel or geography.


Reducing volatility, protecting the balance sheet, and providing stability throughout your organisation.