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A benefits broking service with a difference

Working with one of the largest employee benefits brokers gives you a natural advantage. But it’s our ability to understand your objectives that really makes the difference.

It’s no secret: we’re one of the largest employee benefits brokers. We’ve found the right policy, and negotiated the right price, for thousands of companies around the world.

That means we’re well placed to help businesses like yours get the best out of the tendering process when it comes to your healthcare and risk protection policies. After all, what’s the point of being so big if we don’t use it for our clients?

Put simply, we provide leverage. And as a result you get the right blend of competitive prices, policies, and terms and conditions — often getting you access to services you wouldn’t get otherwise.

Graphic highlighting how many firms benchmark their employee benefits & how many companies which plan to develop a employee value proposition; which Aons’ employee benefits brokers can help with.

Source: Aon Benefits and Trends Survey 2019

Our brokers let your consultant focus on you

Getting a great value deal is almost meaningless if the policy doesn’t provide what you really need. That’s why we developed our Centre of Excellence broking model.

With many employee benefits consultancies, your consultant is also your broker — and they split their time between identifying your needs, and looking for the best package. Sometimes, that divided focus may mean they’re not doing a great job at either.

We do it a little differently. Your consultant focuses completely on you and we have a dedicated team of brokers who watch the changing employee benefits market all the time. They work together to get you competitive prices and terms, on a policy that’s exactly what you need.

Our Centre of Excellence not only gives your company access to detailed knowledge of the markets, it also gives you a transparent, open process – a complete view of what’s available, along with a recommendation that’s tailored to you.

Reducing cost, maximising return

We know how important it is to keep your costs down. But with employee benefits, that’s only half of the equation. To get value for your organisation, you need to offer the right policies – ones your people will appreciate and value. Get that wrong and you end up with none of the business benefits you paid for, however good the deal.

By supporting our consultants with a dedicated broking team – as well as communications and other specialists – you get the best of both worlds: a policy that actually delivers, and at the right price.

Before you accept your next renewal, send us an email at [email protected], or call on 0344 573 0033. We don’t like to boast about our size, but we think you’ll appreciate the difference.




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