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Aon Webinar:
Lump Sum Windows and Member Options Around the World

Over the last few years, employers have been providing additional options to members in their defined benefit plans around the world. Multinationals and Global Pension Committees need to be aware of how these options fit into the broader spectrum of risk management strategies available for DB sponsors around the world.

For example:

  • New guidance in the US makes Retiree Lump Sum Windows a viable tool in addition to Term Vested Lump Sums.
  • The UK has seen many Enhanced Transfer Value and Pension Increase Exchange exercises; and is now seeing Flexible At Retirement Option programs.
  • Germany has recently seen increased use of Lump Sum Retirement Options and Retiree Lump Sum Windows

During this webinar, Aon’s International Retirement team are joined by leaders from Aon’s Retirement practices in UK, Germany, Ireland, USA and Canada. They provide:

  • Global trends and overviews of main options in each country
  • Key financial and HR reasons for introducing windows and options
  • Practical tips when introducing member options
  • Global frameworks for approving and implementing member option programs

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