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Gary Cowler
Whether you are working towards self-sufficiency or securing benefits with an insurer, you will want to reduce risk, improve your members' experience and work towards a defined goal. With integrated Pensions, we add value and improve outcomes at every stage throughout this journey. - Gary Cowler, Partner, Aon

The world of pensions is changing all the time. We are increasingly finding that pension schemes are focusing on working towards a defined end game, one where your scheme becomes self-sufficient or is able to secure members’ benefits in full. Along this journey, you may work with a number of different advisors – or as is becoming more common, work with just one provider who can bring together all the key services you need. In a nutshell, this is Integrated Pensions.

At Aon, we believe that better outcomes are achievable for every pension scheme, no matter how big or small. You only have to look at our track record to see that’s the case. Through our experience of working with pension schemes of all sizes and profiles, we can give you affordable access to the industry’s most effective solutions – with absolute transparency over fees.

Integrated Pensions is a simpler way of working. You will find a joined up and streamlined approach that is tailored to you, with just one senior point of contact. That means one person with absolute accountability for bringing together a team that is capable of delivering an outstanding service and meeting your long-term goals.

With Aon, you have the resources and expertise of a global company, but services delivered in a relevant and personal way. Our solutions have real impact and achieve impressive results – and we want to make them accessible to all schemes, so that everyone can reap the rewards. Recognised as a global leader in every aspect of integrated plan management, Integrated Pensions focuses on providing solutions in the complex areas of retirement, investment and benefits administration.

Your journey towards success
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