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Performance Solutions

In a hyper-competitive global economy, business performance requires seamless customer, employee and financial excellence.

Aon's Performance Practice brings powerful capabilities to shed light on how talent, organisational design and culture, connect to financial, operational, and customer performance through an interconnected suite of data-driven tools, technology solutions, and industry experts.

Connecting business performance to people performance in tangible, actionable ways

We tap into rich market data from millions of employees, your company's performance data and even customer research, to combine performance insight with guidance from our team of industry experts to make direct, actionable connections between you talent and resource allocation investments and firm results.

  • Client Insight: Identify the client experience moments of truth that truly drive growth and the most efficient route to satisfying, retaining and developing customers
  • Sales Force Effectiveness: Reveal the connection points among customers, markets, processes, sales resources, competencies, goals and incentive plans to drive profitable revenue growth
  • Financial and Operational Performance Improvement: Leverage financial/operational benchmarking combined with rewards and customer data for powerful insights into success drivers and obstacles


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