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Wrap-Up Insurance

Wrap-Up insurance programs are an increasingly popular risk management technique used by owners and general contractors of large construction projects to exert greater control over total construction costs while enhancing overall project safety.

A wrap-up policy consolidates (or “wraps up”) insurance coverage for multiple general and subcontractors working on a project into one program negotiated, purchased and managed by a single sponsor. That sponsor can be either the owner (owner-controlled insurance program) or the general contractor (contractor-controlled insurance program).

Construction Wrap-Ups typically provide a broad range of project-related insurance coverages, including workers’ compensation and employer’s liability; general liability; excess liability; builder’s risk; pollution liability; professional liability; and subcontractor default insurance.

Aon offers services specifically tailored for wrap-ups, including:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Program design
  • Insurance marketing
  • Program administration
  • Training and product orientation
  • Risk control
  • Claims administration
  • Medical cost containment

Aon also offers industry-leading software systems to help oversee large construction products, including AonWrap®, a fully integrated Risk Management Information System (RMIS) that provides all the storage, retrieval, and data dissemination resources crucial to the effective administration of wrap-up insurance programs.

AonWrap® handles all aspects of wrap-up program administration and processing, including:

  • Contractor enrollment and policy issuance
  • Loss forecasting and budget modifications
  • Cost allocations by contractor or contract
  • Contract performance monitoring
  • Change order monitoring
  • Tracking of actual premiums versus contractor credits
  • Contractor certificate and compliance tracking
  • Monthly payroll and man-hour reports
  • Safety audits
  • Goal setting for wrap-up management
  • Claims-related employment verifications
  • Program-wide status reports and by policy, contractor, and contract

For contractors, project owners, and developers, Aon is the market leader in owner and contractor wrap-up programs as well as surety bonding and other homebuilding insurance products and risk assessment services. We field the largest and most trusted network of construction experts anywhere in the world - a team of professionals covering every major sector of the industry.

Clients rely on Aon to protect their business from the ground up.

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