Global Account Management System (India)

Aon recognises that multinational insurance programmes are complex and challenging to design, much less execute. Information, structure and consistency are key to efficient programme management. To empower our colleagues and clients, to more effectively and efficiently manage multinational programmes, we have developed our Global Account Management System (GAMS) platform. GAMS allows the user to have a single view into their worldwide risk finance programme and the day-to-day operations of their Aon account team, which facilitates:
  • Access to data that supports informative and strategic global risk finance and insurance decisions
  • Global transparency
  • "Go to market" strategies
  • Understanding of spend
  • Alignment of placements into a single view
  • Uniform service delivery
  • Global programme optimisation
  • Global premium spend
  • By country
  • By product
  • Allocations
  • Risk manager dashboard
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