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What is Employee Wellbeing?
Wellbeing is a people and performance strategy that balances resources, opportunities and commitment to optimise the health, resilience and performance of individuals, organisations and communities. At Aon, we define the five dimensions of wellbeing as physical, emotional, social, financial and work-life wellbeing.
Our research shows that wellbeing approaches have evolved beyond programmes, apps and nice-to-have resources designed to change employee behaviour. More employers around the globe are recognising the need for a comprehensive, multi-dimensional approach to wellbeing, making it increasingly central to the company’s ethos and employee value proposition (EVP).
Why is employee wellbeing important?
Wellbeing impacts company performance and is crucial to the future success of every business. Businesses that recognise the complexity and interconnectedness of wellbeing, and holistically support employees to make the decisions that are right for them and their families, will foster a thriving workforce and will, in turn, thrive.
Your commitment to supporting employees’ wellbeing at all stages of life and throughout the employee lifecycle can also be a powerful differentiator for your company in today’s competitive talent market and can help to mitigate the impact of rising healthcare costs.
How We Can Help You
Our Wellbeing Solutions team helps companies reduce risk, improve resilience and create a lasting, positive impact on individual and business performance and sustainability.
Aon’s data-driven approach to delivering wellbeing solutions distils and transforms medical and wellbeing data into actionable insights that inform, advise and support better wellbeing decisions. This includes four core areas of expertise: Wellbeing Analytics, Wellbeing Advisory, Wellbeing Vendor Marketplace, and Wellbeing Insurer Partnerships.
After pinpointing issues and areas for improvement, we develop strategies and evidence-led interventions to help prevent, minimise and manage a wide range of health and wellbeing conditions. We collaborate with insurers and vendor partners to provide the right resources, expertise and solutions to support your objectives. Establishing benchmarks, we help measure your progress toward these goals as a trusted and independent wellbeing advisor.
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