Employee Wellbeing in Asia Pacific

With rising healthcare costs and demand to recruit and retain top talent, wellbeing is becoming an increasingly important part of companies’ overall business strategy and employer value proposition in Asia Pacific.
What is employee wellbeing?
Wellbeing is a state of balance determined by having the appropriate resources, opportunities and commitment needed to achieve optimal health and performance for the individual and the organisation.
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Why is employee wellbeing important?
The core of what keeps every company running is its people. No matter their role, team, or geography. And with every organisation being the sum of its parts, this means that the state of health of its people has a direct impact on the state of health of the business.
Providing wellbeing tools, education, and programmes throughout the employee lifecycle can help translate wellbeing impact to bottom line impact, differentiate your company as an employer of choice, and control rising healthcare costs.
Strong employee wellbeing is also linked to positive business outcomes, including:
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Greater company loyalty
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction in absenteeism and presenteeism
How Aon’s Wellbeing Solutions Team Can Help
At Aon, we believe that we can help business leaders invest in their people in order to reap the best benefits of an emerging workforce.
The mission of Aon’s Asia Pacific Wellbeing Solutions team is to enable the wellbeing of workforces across Asia Pacific by supporting employers in their role for caring for their people – no matter where they are on their wellbeing journey – through our advisory services, partner network, and access to technology.
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