Aon consultants strongly believe in 4 principles when it comes to designing employee benefits.
  • Integrate: The design should be integrated into people’s experience. That means we will leverage the organisation’s total rewards framework and think broader.
  • Personalise: The benefits should be personalised where possible. Not only based on generation, but other different ways to segment such as life stage, career stages etc. can be factored in when we consider coverage level or options. This will help to optimise value and increase appreciation.
  • Innovate: Reviewing benefits is not a one-time event. Innovation will drive how the benefits plan evolve, and how it helps to engage your employees.
  • Target: There should be a clear benefits proposition. That means, the purpose of benefits may require targeted strategy, and may evolve over time depending on the type of talents you have.
Aon Pulse
The interdependence between employee health & wellbeing, workforce productivity, employee engagement and the consistently rising cost of employee benefits programs is now challenging organisations to be more strategic in managing health investments.
Aon Pulse is our proprietary global deep dive claims analytics platform that offers real-time insights into opportunities to optimise health risks and benefits programmes. Through Aon Pulse, we directly collect claims data from 40 carriers and transform it to provide you with data-backed advice that is relevant, directed, and actionable.
Through Aon Pulse we can adopt an evidence-based approach to managing benefit programs and provide clients with timely and relevant market-level and plan-level insights on the main drivers of cost and risk.
Here is how you would benefit as a client:
Aon Pulse Infographic 
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