Aon’s Solution for Manufacturers (Malaysia)

Tailored advice based on your needs, not your size, so you can focus on what matters most – your business
As a manufacturer, you face a variety of risks and unforeseen circumstances that present challenges to your growth and profitability goals. Aon is equipped with the expertise, supported by data and analytics, to help your business stay ahead and navigate these challenges. We aim to deliver bespoke solutions that meets your business’ needs and stand by you as a trusted risk advisor.
Specialised solutions designed specifically for manufacturers, materials suppliers and related organisations
  • Automotive - Supply chain supporting private passenger, commercial truck, specialty vehicle manufacturers
  • Healthcare & PPE Supplies Manufacturer/ Distributor - Bespoke production lines, political risk, receivables protection, challenging traditional insurance policy exclusions, intellectual property (IP) protection, R&D IP Protection, employee wellbeing initiatives
  • Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers - Distributors delayed payment protection, receivables financing protection, business interruption, shipment risk
  • Semiconductor Manufacturers - Property damage, machinery breakdown, rising healthcare costs
  • Consumer Goods - F&B, white and brown goods, designer products, luxury watches and high valued items
  • Paper, Plastic and related Packaging Supplies Manufacturers - Large production plants, credit risk, BCPs, process safety management
  • Metals - Steel and aluminium producers, fabricators, service centers and engineered product manufacturers, explosions due to gas leakage/boilers
  • Other industries included in Manufacturing – Textiles, building supplies, special engineering equipment, printing and furniture
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Aon’s Solution for Manufacturers (MALAYSIA)