Group Personal Accident Insurance (GPA)

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A personal accident cover the employee against any financial loss caused by an accident which may results in loss of life and / or partial or permanent disability. The policy covers injury that is caused due to an accident that immediately or eventually results in accidental death, total disability, permanent partial disability, and total disability or weekly indemnity. These policies are tailormade to the individual requirements of the company.
Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
What Is group personal accident insurance?
Group Personal Accident Insurance protects its members against mishaps that result in death or injury. It is frequently offered as corporate group insurance for staff members, business owners, and board members. Accidents can result in both permanent or temporary physical disability as well as a financial catastrophe for the victim and his or her family.
We are all susceptible to accidents in our daily lives, and if the accident involves the family's primary provider, things might get complicated. Therefore, it is crucial to choose an insurance policy that offers compensation in the event of an accident that results in disablement or death Group accidental insurance policies are a solution introduced to meet these needs of the enterprises. These policies provide all-inclusive protection for the group against unavoidable disability and death, subject to chosen policy T&C.

How to claim for group personal accident insurance?
To submit a claim for group personal accident insurance, follow the steps listed below:
Claim assurance:
  • Notify the HR of the company who would then liaison with the insurer/ advisor to inform them of the accident.

  • The insurance company records the claim after receiving the notification.

  • Once the claim is filed, the insurance provider provides the insured with the claim form along with a list of all the needed paperwork.

  • Surveyor may be arranged and after completion of necessary due diligence the claim is then approved and processed further.

  • The claim is processed by the merits of the policy after receiving the necessary documentation.
Claim Settlement:
  • The claim is processed, and a check is created and issued to the applicable insured after all pertinent documentation and a properly completed claim form have been received.

  • The claim settlement team notifies the insured, the point of contact in question, the beneficiary, and the organisation's HR when the claim is denied in a refusal letter.