Specie Insurance (India)

Aon India offers niche coverage for high-value portable items. The specialised coverage protects valuables like fine art, expensive jewellery, valuation, documents, etc. when on location, or at a third-party location, or in transit.
Aon India experts can ensure you have the right policies to insure your private art, antique collection, expensive jewellery, etc. We have a dedicated team to help you manage your policy and assist with any claims you need to make.
We offer:
  • Tailor-made cover to meet your requirement, it can be an agreed value, market value, or restoration/theft recovery
  • Restoration cover, and subsequent depreciation in value arising from damage to specie
  • Acquisition cover for new additions
  • Worldwide cover against physical damage or loss
  • Introduction to experts in handling, transit, & loans
  • Create mitigation plans in case of flood, wildfire, earthquake, etc.
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