Stress: How Can You Stay in Control?

Aon Health & Wellbeing Conversation #5

All of us experience stress in our daily lives – not just at the work place, but also in our own homes. Stress happens when we are required to exert effort, especially when the requirement is perceived to be misaligned with our knowledge and abilities. Some stress may actually be good for us, as it allows us to be more creative and focused and pushes us to perform better. But when stress goes out of control, it can drive us to the point of mental and physical breakdown.
Different individuals react differently to stress, and it manifests in many forms. At times, the signs are so simple that they are taken as normal reactions or symptoms of another illness.
So how do you know you’re stressed out?
Stress Diagram 
How can you better manage stress?
Despite the seemingly chaotic state that stress brings about, you should recognise the fact that you can take control – by properly identifying the sources of your stress and taking charge of your emotions, thoughts, and environment.
There are also many active ways to counter stress on a long-term basis.
Exercise or engage in any active sport Smoke, indulge in alcohol, or take prohibited drugs and/or relaxation pills
Practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, long baths, or massages Lash out on others
Read a book, listen to music, or pursue a hobby that relaxes you Resort to watching the TV or surfing the Internet
Get enough sleep and rest Find other things to do to take your mind off your problems
Eat a healthy and balanced diet Skip meals or turn to food for comfort
Spend time in nature or take leisurely walks Lock yourself in your room and oversleep
Spend time with the people who matter most to you Withdraw from people or social events
Set goals to regain focus Procrastinate
Remember, it’s your reaction towards situations that matters. If you feel that your normal function has been disrupted due to stress, please reach out to a medical practitioner.
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