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Pension Risk Management

In a financial climate that is changing at an unprecedented rate, pension plan managers need the expertise of Aon Hewitt Investment Consulting more than ever to help them transform their risk and reward equation.

Pension risk is having a significant impact on company performance, becoming a board-level agenda item for many companies. To remain competitive, these organizations must attain a comprehensive picture of their pension liabilities and fully appreciate the risk associated with their retirement benefit plans. The goal of our pension risk analytics is to optimize the rewards associated with the risk taken within the plan.

Dedicated Global Risk Services Team

Our dedicated Global Risk Services team is well versed in these complexities, and offers clients an end-to-end solution, from consulting on strategic objectives to implementing risk management solutions. This leading-edge consulting is built on technological innovation, with a unique set of tools available only to our clients.

Tools & Resources

Glide Path

Plot a course to your ultimate financial goal.

Pension Risk Benchmark

Get comparative diagnostics of your plan risks relative to those of the Fortune 500.

Pension Risk Tracker

Monitors pension assets and liabilities on a daily basis.