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Cost, Risk, and Governance Take Center Stage for Defined Benefit Plans

In the current environment of volatility and change, many plan sponsors are finding that traditional solutions for investment strategy, plan design, and committee governance are no longer meeting their needs. Managing defined benefit retirement plans in light of their rising costs and balance sheet risk is one of the most significant issues they face today.

Aon Investment Consulting’s approach to the problem focuses on:

  • Cost: We help plan sponsors gain control of the rapidly rising cash and P&L costs, using our transparent and independent model to reduce the economic cost of benefits.
  • Risk: We manage volatile corporate pension obligations holistically and dynamically with our integrated glide path of investment, benefit, and funding policies.
  • Governance: The most critical factor for successfully managing costs and risks is being able to proactively execute dynamic policies. We team with investment committees to execute dynamic polices, reducing decision cycle times from 6-12 months to a few days.

Delegated Investment Solutions – A Dynamic Approach

  • Aon Investment Consulting’s Delegated Investment Solutions team offers ongoing management of qualified retirement plans.
  • We assume our clients’ investment management and fiduciary operations to effectively manage the cost, risk, and governance of defined benefit plans.

For more information on our Delegated Investment Solutions, please contact us.