Human Resources

Core Services

Performance Evaluation

Our performance evaluation process incorporates the qualitative data collected by our consultants and analysts during visits with investment management firms. We also conduct a thorough quantitative analysis of historical performance and portfolio characteristics for each fund, using market indices and proprietary universes to benchmark performance and assess risk-adjusted results.

The Value of Interpretion

What makes Aon Hewitt Investment Consulting stand apart is our focus on careful interpretation of results. Rather than simply report on clients’ rates of return, our consultants dig deeper, bringing added value to our performance monitoring services. This analysis is what clients will find in our quarterly performance reports and our collaborative discussions.

Our consultants meet regularly with an organization, not only to deliver and discuss the quarterly reports, but also to revisit allocation policies and investment guidelines, review managerial decisions, and proactively present new ideas for the investment program.

Each quarterly report provides analysis of investment managers and helps answer the following questions:

  • Are investment managers “adding value” net of fees?
  • Are managers investing according to their stated investment philosophies and styles?
  • Have managers performed well considering the capital market environment during the period evaluated, and relative to managers utilizing similar approaches?
  • Do investment objectives and guidelines continue to be appropriate in light of changes that may have taken place in the capital markets?