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Specialty Services

Our work is predicated on applying thoughtful analysis to provide strategic solutions to institutional clients. We advise clients in the areas of Alternative Investments, Recordkeeper search, Master Trustee/ Custodian Evaluation and Fiduciary Services.
Alternative Investments

Alternative investments encompass a broad spectrum of asset classes and strategies. Due to the idiosyncratic nature of these strategies, they offer a fertile hunting ground for investors seeking diversification from traditional equity and fixed-income investments. Aon Hewitt Investment Consulting has helped clients navigate the extremely broad and sometimes misunderstood alternative investment landscape. Our approach is highly customized, so the alternative investments fit properly within each client’s risk and return objectives.

Recordkeeper Search

The vendor selection process is a fiduciary function that should be conducted in a diligent and well-documented manner. Additionally, you must trust that the firm that assists you with the process of finding a new vendor has the expertise to properly evaluate different vendors. Aon Hewitt Investment Consulting has the experience and is completely independent in the review and selection process.

Master Trustee/Custodian Evaluation

To help companies choose a master trustee/custodian, Aon Hewitt Investment Consulting follows the same careful path we use when evaluating the investment manager community.

Fiduciary Services

Aon Hewitt Investment Consulting has a dedicated Fiduciary Services practice that focuses on a wide array of governance and operational issues.