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Simply put, a fund’s performance is strongly tied to the experience, skill, and perspective of the people who manage it. That’s why our manager evaluation—with the specific objective of knowing the organization—is such a critical component of the work we do for our clients.

We pride ourselves on our independence and objectivity, underscored by our transparent process.

Giving Due Diligence Its Due

Each year our Global Investment Management Team conducts hundreds of visits with investment managers. This due diligence process is multi-faceted, including a broad review of both quantitative and qualitative issues and characteristics. Factors that we include in our due diligence process include, but are not limited to:

Qualitative Analysis
Organizational focus
Acquisition/change in ownership
Depth of investment team
Stability of investment professionals
Investment style discipline
Quantitative Analysis
Comparison against market benchmarks and peer groups
Risk-adjusted return analysis
Performance attribution
Style consistency evaluation
Fee assessment

Seeking Best in Class

Our search process evaluates not only the performance of each manager, but also the investment management organization. This dual evaluation allows us to give our clients a clear and accurate picture of their investment managers. The suitability of an investment opportunity given our clients’ specific requirements and needs also drives our manager selection process. We are dedicated to conducting searches in both traditional and alternative asset classes.

Leveraging Our Databases

Quantitative and qualitative information is stored in our proprietary database, including notes from our research professionals and ratings for a broad universe of investment managers. Our databases and analysis help us determine the likelihood of superior investment performance in the future while detecting “early warning” signals that may uncover unacceptable levels of risk-taking. Responses to our initial operations questionnaire for Equity/Fixed Income managers and for Hedge Fund managers are also saved in our database, as well as responses to our more in depth operations due diligence questionnaires for selected managers.We also access numerous external databases and tools to supplement our internal resources.


Aon Hewitt utilizes eVestment’s platform as its primary source of quantitative information for the purposes of monitoring, client reporting and conducting new public market mandate searches. As such, we encourage you to submit your information to eVestment to ensure the information we have on your firm and products is accurate and up-to-date. Submitting data to eVestment is free and eVestment will be happy to answer questions related to how to populate its database. Submit your data to eVestment.

Privacy and Data Collection Notice
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