Human Resources

Core Services

We provide a complete range of investment consulting services tailored to institutional clients’ goals and circumstances from pension risk solutions to delegated investment consulting. Our expert teams have foresight to respond to new developments and objectivity to challenge convention.
Institutional Advisory Solutions

Our team builds solutions tailored to clients requiring complex approaches through our expertise in asset allocation, manager research, alternative investments, actuarial statistics and portfolio construction.

Delegated Pension Manager

Sophisticated pension strategy and timely execution are paramount today. Pension fund managers have been decreasing equity holdings in favor of less volatile asset allocations positions for a decade.

Delegated Services

In the current environment of volatility and change, many plan sponsors are finding that traditional solutions for investment strategy, plan design, and committee governance are no longer meeting their needs.

Pension Risk Management

Pension risk is having a significant impact on company performance, becoming a board-level agenda item for many companies. To remain competitive, these organizations must attain a comprehensive picture of their pension liabilities and fully appreciate the risk associated with their retirement benefit plans.

Asset Allocation & Asset Liability

Organizations with defined benefit plans today find themselves under heightened pressures and facing many challenges. Risk management is a key consideration.

Investment Policy Development & Review

Aon Hewitt Investment Consulting helps create a blueprint for success for a multitude of organizations when planning for the future—not with cookie-cutter solutions, but with uniquely tailored policies

Manager Evaluation & Search

Simply put, a fund’s performance is strongly tied to the experience, skill, and perspective of the people who manage it. That’s why our manager evaluation—with the specific objective of knowing the organization—is such a critical component of the work we do for our clients.

Performance Evaluation

Our performance evaluation process incorporates the qualitative data collected by our consultants and analysts during visits with investment management firms.