Financial Advice and Planning

Financial Advice and Planning

There is a severe deficit of advice for most individuals in:

Pensions: We manage the risk of poverty in old age in terms of the adequacy of contributions being made and the investment choice.

Family Protection: We ensure that family and business’s are protected in the event of death, disability and illness.

Wealth management: Get Rich Slowly. Get rich slowly is built on the principles of long term and sustainable solutions such as patience, diversification and understanding both Risk and Risk management. Our focus is on wealth protection and preservation as well as helping clients to meet their stated investment objectives.

Planning for life events: School Fees.There is a fundamental need for clients to get excellent impartial advice. Our highly qualified trusted Adviser’s will provide you with the following solutions:

  • You will have a clear understanding of both your personal and financial goals and you will know where you are in relation to those goals
  • You will understand the value of all your existing covers and investments and any shortfalls
  • You will know what state benefits you are entitled to and the value of same
  • If you have investments you will know your current asset allocation, your ideal asset allocation, the return on your investments and how much you have paid in Tax and Charges
  • You will know how much advice costs you
  • You will know how much Inheritance tax you would pay today if you died?

These are all reasonable questions a trusted adviser should be able to answer.


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