Employee Benefits Engagement

Employee Benefits Engagement

Learn how your organization can benefit from employee benefits engagement. 

Ensure Your Employees are Maximizing Their Employee Benefits

Amid a landscape of rising health and benefits costs and an increase in poor health and wellbeing, organizations need to ensure their employees fully understand and utilize the employee benefits available to them.

How Aon Can Help

We provide innovative solutions and tools that make it easier for employees to learn about their benefits and make better benefit decisions, positively impacting employee health and wellbeing outcomes, as well as maximizing return on benefits investment.

We can tailor our solutions to your specific requirements. From employee benefits enrollment campaigns to employee surveys, our team of specialists can help provide the clarity and confidence needed to implement the benefits engagement strategies that best fit your organization.


Recent data shows that almost half of employees do not understand the benefits they are enrolled in, leading to low utilization, wasted dollars and employee frustration.

Source: International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans

Explore Our Benefit Engagement Offerings

  • Employee Benefits Enrollment

    For U.S. benefits enrollment, Aon’s specialist communications team will work with you to develop an enrollment strategy to easily educate employees on all their benefit options, empower them to make informed benefit decisions and prepare them for enrollment.

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  • The Benefits Solution

    Our online benefits technology platform provides employees with an engaging benefits experience that enables employees to have anytime, anywhere, any device access to their rewards and benefits - including our market-leading native app.

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Four Ways to Increase the ROI of Your Benefits Strategy with Technology

In conversations with clients, we know that return on investment is one of the biggest considerations in implementing benefits. This is more pertinent as economic volatility forces companies to balance costs with increasing employee expectations.

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