Employee Benefits Enrollment

Employee Benefits Enrollment

Learn how your organization can benefit from employee benefits enrollment and education. 

How We Improve Your Employee Benefits Experience

Aon provides solutions and tools that make it easier for employees to learn about their benefits and make better benefit decisions, positively impacting your employees’ emotional and financial wellbeing.

Typically, disengaged employees do not understand their medical plan options, are possibly enrolled in the wrong medical plan and do not fully appreciate the value of the employer’s investment in their benefits program. Improving how you communicate your benefit offerings will positively impact your workforce and ability to attract and retain talent.

How We Enhance Benefit Education and Engagement 

Aon’s in-house communications team will develop a campaign to easily educate employees on all their benefit options, empower them to make informed benefit decisions and prepare them for enrollment. Targeted content, creative campaign designs, on-demand webinars, and virtual group meetings all play a part in creating a great outcome that will improve benefit knowledge and retention across your workforce. We consider the entire employee experience, focusing on how to reach multigenerational audiences through the formats they prefer: print, digital or through the value of a counselor conversation.

Our Education and Engagement Approach

  • Inspire

    How do you want your employees to feel? Elevate employee understanding and appreciation of your health and welfare plans by creating a recognizable benefits brand.

  • Inform

    What do you want your employees to know? Help employees understand their benefit options and prepare them for open enrollment.

  • Engage

    What do you want your employees to do? Offer multi-channel options to engage based on your diverse workforce.

Employee Benefits Enrollment Process

Annual enrollment is the once-a-year opportunity when your employees make benefit decisions that will impact your bottom line and employee’s financial wellbeing for the next 12 months.

Many employees feel overwhelmed by annual enrollment, viewing it as a nuisance rather than an opportunity to learn how to protect themselves and their families adequately. Our solutions solve that. Need help with annual enrollment? New hires? An acquisition? Our enrollment support solutions will improve your enrollment efficiency and effectiveness.


Recent data shows that almost half of the employees do not understand the benefits they enrolled in, leading to low utilization, wasted dollars and employee frustration.

Source: International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans

Benefit Enrollment Methods

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    Speak with a benefit counselor at your desktop from work or home via web technology 

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    Meet with a benefit counselor one-to-one or in a group café setting.

Everyday Technology

Aon’s education and enrollment solutions are technology agnostic and can integrate with any third-party or benefits administration system. We also have cutting-edge technology of our own.

  • Open Enrollment and New Hire Platform

    Aon’s market-leading and proprietary enrollment platform provides a superior user experience featuring decision support, efficient data sharing, and easy transactions allowing you to communicate, enroll and manage benefits effectively.

  • Year-Round Consumer Marketplace

    Aon’s consumer marketplace provides year-round access to lifestyle-focused benefits designed to positively impact employee's health, financial wellbeing and personal protection. We have already done the heavy lifting of evaluating the market and negotiating rates. Our platform is easy and convenient to implement with full payroll and premium administration support, resulting in less administrative burden on HR and payroll.

  • Voluntary Benefit Premium Administration

    Aon’s premium administration technology automates the complex process of exchanging enrollment data and premium files across various carriers. Our comprehensive services include ongoing management of voluntary benefits, enabling electronic collection, reconciliation, and remittance of employee premiums.


A recent Aon Global Wellbeing Survey revealed 52% of employees would change jobs for better benefits.

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