Employee Benefits Benchmarking

Employee Benefits Benchmarking

Learn how your organization can benefit from employee benefits benchmarking. 

What is Employee Benefits Benchmarking?

To inform future investments in benefits programs and compete for talent, organizations need comprehensive insights and analytics to see how their benefits programs stack up against peers. Employee benefits benchmarking provides leaders with the data they need to evaluate their employer-sponsored healthcare plans, other talent and reward offerings, such as paid time off, and their supplemental, part-time and retirement benefits.

Why is Employee Benefits Benchmarking Important?

Benchmarking helps organizations understand the competitiveness of their health and benefits offerings across multiple fronts, including plan design, plan costs, and even how employee health outcomes compare to peers in their industry, region or market segment. 

Employee benefits benchmarking can provide valuable insights on:

How Aon Can Help

Our comprehensive employee benefits benchmarking capabilities equip employers with the information they need to make data-led benefits decisions aligned with and supportive of overall business and people strategies.

  • Cost Trends

    Compare benefits costs, contributions and cost drivers to your competitors, including by industry, company size, geography, or across a specific peer group.

  • Plan Design

    Review and asses the design of your most important benefits plans, including medical, dental, and vision programs, against close competitors for talent.

  • Employee Engagement

    Determine how employees are engaging with their health and benefits plans to identity opportunities to increase program adoption and success.

  • Health Outcomes

    Measure how effective your health and wellbeing offerings are in improving employee health and reducing overall healthcare costs.

  • Provider Performance

    Quantify how your providers are performing compared to others, improving your ability to hold them accountable for delivering a solid return on investment.

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