Global Benefits

Learn how Aon’s global benefits solutions can advance the objectives of your business.

Creating Global Benefits That Work for Multinational Businesses

Multinational companies face unique challenges when designing and delivering benefit programs on a global scale. At Aon, we help multinationals design, develop and deliver employee benefit programs that optimize the employee experience while balancing costs and operational objectives. We offer dedicated support, at every stage, for every business. 


Global Benefits

At Aon, we help multinational companies design, develop and deliver employee benefit programs that enable employees to thrive and optimize outcomes for our clients.

Aon Provides End-to-End Support:

How Aon Can Help

We assist companies at every stage of their development, from initial multinational expansion to complex onboarding as part of mergers and acquisitions.

  • Benefits Management

    We provide expert support to ensure your benefits are appropriately designed and managed globally and locally. Our global benefits governance ensures plans are aligned with your benefits strategy, key risks are identified and mitigated, and there is ongoing maintenance to ensure continued compliance.

  • Benefits Financing

    We help optimize your global benefits spend through alternative financing vehicles, including multinational pooling and captives.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    Our experienced team can help you navigate the challenging waters of mergers and acquisitions, ensuring that your business and transaction objectives align with your human capital integration strategies to drive long-term success. 

  • Global Mobility

    We help companies review, design and implement benefit plans for their globally mobile employees, benchmark benefits, ensure compliance of offerings and manage business risk.

  • Online Benefits

    Our extensive online benefits ecosystem enables companies to deliver global benefits in a relevant and engaging way for each country in which they operate.

  • Research and Insights

    Through our research library, proprietary data and self-service online benchmarking technology, businesses can access in-depth country information, typical benefits offered for about 100 countries, and legislative activity in over 150 countries.

  • Employee Wellbeing

    We help companies enhance employee productivity and ROI by looking beyond employee health and focusing on five dimensions of employee wellbeing — financial, emotional, physical, social and work/life balance.

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

    Multinational companies face unique challenges embedding diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging strategies into organization-wide policies due to differing cultures and legislation across the globe. We provide you with the clarity and confidence needed to embed appropriate DEIB strategies worldwide, helping you achieve your global objectives with sensitivity to local variances.


We have 15,000+ benefit professionals operating in over 120 locations around the world - helping you operate a consistent global benefits strategy with locally appropriate solutions in each country.

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Multinational businesses must be able to adapt benefits strategies rapidly to ensure employees continue to thrive. Aon helps organizations gain the clarity and confidence needed to make better decisions to optimize global benefits strategy.

Andrew Cunningham
Vice President, Global Benefits, Aon

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Learn how Aon’s global benefits solutions can advance the objectives of your business.