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Individuals or firms may be subject to claims for breach of professional duty of care arising in connection with the conduct of their business. Should you breach this duty of care you may be liable for both the direct and consequential losses of the claimants, not to mention the potentially substantial costs that may be incurred in defending an action, whether you have erred or not.

Aon's professions & consultant specialists are trusted in providing risk solutions to protect you from the financial consequences of such claims. Our clients encompass a huge range of professions and consultants, including but not limited to:

We also provide additional insurance products to professions & consultants, such as Employers Liability, Public Liability, Office Insurance, Motor Insurance and other specialist insurance services.

Why choose Aon?

  • We access a wide range of local and international insurers
  • Our professions & consultant specialists focus on your specific insurance requirements
  • We offer expert advice and effective services with real value
  • Aon ensure that you get the cover and service you need


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