Casualty Risk Management and Insurance

Casualty Risk Management and Insurance

Learn how your organization can benefit from casualty risk management and insurance. 

Managing the total cost of risk (TCOR) has become a critical objective for enterprises in all sectors, and casualty exposures rank among the largest drivers of TCOR. Moreover, these exposures have become more significant, complex and difficult to manage. Major contributors to rising costs include large jury verdicts, inflation, employee retention issues, changing workforce demographics, the challenging commercial insurance market and elevated costs of retained losses.

What Does Commercial Casualty Insurance Cover?

Commercial casualty insurance generally refers to a broad range of insurance coverages that protect a business against liability claims that involve property damage to others, loss of property, and injury.

To anticipate current and emerging risks, organizations need the right mix of casualty insurance solutions, including general liability, workers’ compensation, automobile and excess liability. Each coverage should be tailored to the size, structure and needs of an organization, coupled with its risk tolerance and mitigation strategy.

How Aon Can Help

Aon helps clients make better decisions in assessing, quantifying, and managing the full range of their casualty exposures. This supports clients’ goals of driving down TCOR, reducing workplace injuries, enhancing employee productivity and satisfaction, evaluating risk transfer and retention, reducing claim costs, lowering required loss reserves, and freeing up capital. Our global presence and market-leading solutions help clients navigate an evolving market:

  • Better Informed

    • Aon places over $11 billion in casualty premium to ensure access to the global underwriting market
    • With thousands of casualty clients across all industries, Aon provides anonymized peer benchmarking to secure highly competitive pricing
    • Aon conducts holistic business and program reviews to understand your corporate strategy and emerging risks


  • Better Prepared
    • Dedicated casualty claim consultants and experienced attorneys assist with coverage issues, claim advocacy and case resolution
    • Aon provides policy advocacy, wording, and terms and conditions in pursuit of optimal program performance
    • Aon’s Casualty Diagnostic tool enables clients to gain program insights and identify cost-saving opportunities by analyzing their data against anonymized industry benchmarks
  • Better Designed

    Cutting-edge analytical tools include Aon’s Risk Financing Analytics, Casualty Risk Quantification and TCOR Analysis, Proprietary Collateral Models, and Proprietary Casualty Diagnostic

  • Better Designed
    • Aon has a truly global presence with more than 200 casualty brokers in the U.S., U.K. and Bermuda, supported by more than 1,000 pre- and post-loss mitigation risk consultants around the world
    • Exclusive Aon facilities include Lloyd’s Lead Excess Aon Facility (LLEAF), Aon Client Treaty (ACT), and Liability Facility Top Up (LiFT)


Aon places over $11 billion in casualty premium to ensure access to the global underwriting market.

Better Outcomes

Aon provides a full spectrum of tools and resources to allow clients to strategically address every element of their casualty risk. Our professionals work individually, collectively and collaboratively with clients on tailored and innovative solutions to impact all aspects of their casualty cost of risk. By leveraging data and analytics to complement our experience, we engage with clients in all industry sectors to pinpoint how and where resources can be deployed to have the greatest impact on their losses and cost. While multiple solutions often are integrated to power broad-based results, clients may also choose from a comprehensive menu of unbundled consulting, brokerage and claim services to target pressing needs.

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