Claim Advocacy

Claim Advocacy

Learn how your organization can benefit from claim advocacy services. 

What is Claim Advocacy?

Claim advocacy involves the deployment of specialist resources and capabilities to help organizations achieve the best possible claim outcomes they are entitled to under an insurance policy. Claim advocacy addresses issues related to insurance coverage, loss quantum, decision timelines and payment periods, and aims to maximize the appropriate return on the investment made in insurance.

Why is Claim Advocacy Important?

Whenever an incident occurs and an insurance claim is made, this is precisely the moment where an insurance policy needs to preform. However, insurance claims can be complex, especially when they involve technical issues and multiple insurers. Claim advocacy can accelerate the resolution of insurance claim and improve outcomes for businesses.

What is Our Claim Advocacy Process?

Immediately following notification and reporting of an insurance claim, we engage with relevant representatives of our client and their insurer(s) to assess the situation. Where requested, we represent clients in all discussions, with the goal of securing appropriate payments on the fastest possible timeline. We also seek to minimize business disruptions and administrative burdens for clients throughout the claims process.

Process Snapshot

  • 01

    Assess the claim and loss situation.

  • 02

    Review all potentially relevant insurance coverage(s).

  • 03

    Develop resolution strategies with the client.

  • 04

    Engage appropriate specialist resources at Aon.

  • 05

    Escalate claim through formal protocols when needed.

Why is Claim Escalation Necessary?

While many insurance claims move efficiently to a full and final settlement, there are some instances where additional strategic and technical knowledge is needed to ensure a fair resolution for clients. This is especially true when a claim is complex or includes significant financial losses that might be hard to value. At Aon, our claim advocates are able to escalate claims to decision-makers and relevant stakeholders and leverage their experience to drive toward swift and fair resolutions.

How Aon Can Help

  • Global Reach

    Our claim management practice is home to 1,800 professionals around the world, ensuring we are ready to support your business at all times, no matter where or when a loss occurs.

  • Proven Capabilities

    When issues related to insurance coverage or the level of loss are in dispute, , Aon has a history of delivering value for clients on specific cases through declination overturn and financial uplift.

  • Comprehensive Approach and Escalation Processes

    We bring specialist experience to all aspects of the claim process, including, where applicable, assisting clients with the selection of adjusters, relationships with law firms, and formal escalation protocols with insurers.

  • Claim Resolution Platform

    Aon's Claim Resolution Platform gives our team access to a wealth of information designed to improve decision making throughout the insurance claims process, including data on claims trends and the identification of similar cases and precedent to support our advisory services.


Aon's claim management practice is home to 1,800 professionals around the world.

Disclaimer: The information contained on this page is intended to assist readers and is for general guidance only.

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