Cyber Resilience

Capability Overview

Cyber Resilience

Cyber threats are evolving rapidly and risk mitigation is an ongoing challenge. The decisions an organization makes will prove critical to its cyber resilience.

Building Sustained Cyber Resilience

We help clients manage their full cyber risk lifecycle, with the goal of building and maintaining sustained cyber resilience. Our holistic cyber offerings – including proactive, reactive and cyber insurance coverage – help clients identify, assess, mitigate and transfer cyber risk and quickly recover from attacks. At every stage of this journey, we act as a trusted advisor, helping unite stakeholders to make better decisions, and ultimately better safeguard their balance sheets.

Our Approach

  • Holistic: Addressing the Full Cyber Journey

    Our broad suite of cyber risk solutions integrates seamlessly to drive efficiencies and transparency and helps clients be better informed to manage risk and safeguard their balance sheets effectively.

  • Proven: Leveraging Deep and Broad Experience

    Our global team of risk professionals helps organizations make decisions with clarity and confidence in a complex digital environment. With decades of experience, Aon helps clients be better advised throughout their cyber lifecycle.

  • Innovative: Pioneering Cyber Risk Solutions

    As the threat landscape rapidly evolves, Aon continuously develops groundbreaking cyber risk mitigation and transfer solutions to help protect organizations of all sizes in helping them make better decisions.

Explore Our Cyber Offerings

Assess Cyber Resilience (10)

10 Solutions

Accurate information is critical in building cyber resilience. Aon offers a comprehensive suite of assessments that combine cutting-edge technology with analysis by experienced risk professionals.

  • Adversary Simulation

    Adversary simulation is the practice of security experts impersonating the actions and behaviors of skilled cyber threat actors to attack an organization’s information technology or operational technology environment. 

  • Carrier-Aligned Security Assessment

    Gain a detailed understanding of how potential exposures in critical security domains can affect your insurability.

  • Cyber Impact Analysis

    Aon’s Cyber Impact Analysis helps to evaluate an organization’s risk exposure through the financial quantification of relevant cyber scenarios.

  • Cyber Quotient Evaluation (CyQu)

    The Cyber Quotient Evaluation (CyQu) is Aon’s proprietary eSubmission platform that helps clients identify, measure and manage their cyber risk exposure.

  • Cyber Security Assessments

    Cyber security assessments include tools and services designed to test your organization's cyber risk, cyber maturity, compliance readiness and data privacy standards.

  • CyberScan: Full Stack Cyber Vulnerability Platform

    CyberScan is a full-stack, cloud-based vulnerability management solution that scans networks, applications and APIs for known security issues.

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence Services

    Convert tactical and strategic cyber threat intelligence into actionable insights to protect your business and people.

  • Insider Threat Assessment

    Insider threat assessments evaluate an organization's ability to prevent, identify and mitigate risks from employees and third parties, including malicious and non-malicious insiders.

  • Penetration Testing

    We deliver proactive identification and exploitation of vulnerabilities across applications and networks to produce actionable guidance to improve your security posture.

  • Red Team Assessments

    Red Team Assessments evaluate organizational preparedness, including technical prevention controls, detection capabilities and incident response planning.

Mitigate Cyber Threats (9)

9 Solutions

Organizations must be proactive to help minimize the impact of cyber threats. Aon provides diverse services to defend against active threats, plan for incident response and rehearse that response using attack simulations. 

  • Business Continuity Management for Cyber Risks

    It's time to update your business continuity plans to account for rapidly evolving cyber threats.

  • Cyber Defense Secure Code Training Platform

    Aon’s cyber defense secure code training platform is a subscription-based service that offers practical and effective security training for technical teams responsible for developing and maintaining applications and networks.

  • Cyber Security Organizational Structure and Strategy

    Cyber security organizational structure and strategy provides deep analysis of the human capital and functional roles in cyber security risk management, providing your organization with insight on building a successful team or taking a mature team to the next level.

  • Cyber Security Tabletop Exercises

    Through realistic simulation scenarios and collaborative discussions, tabletop exercises help teams identify gaps in response plans, enhance communication and develop effective decision-making during a cyber incident.

  • Cyber Threat Hunting

    Cyber threat hunting is the practice of systematically and proactively looking for malicious cyber activity inside your organization’s network.

  • Deep and Dark Web Monitoring

    Deep and dark web monitoring services from Aon helps organizations understand their digital risk exposure from breached data, compromised credentials, threat actor targeting and online security vulnerabilities on the deep and dark webs. 

  • Digital Executive Protection

    Digital executive protection from Aon helps people who are high-value targets for cyber criminals and nation-state threat actors, including high-net-worth individuals, business leaders and public officials.

  • Incident Response Readiness

    Cyber incident response readiness services enable organizations to assess and develop comprehensive plans to address a variety of cyber threats.

  • Security Program Development

    Our security program development teams take a comprehensive and holistic approach to building you cyber security strategy.

Transfer Cyber Risk (1)

1 Solution

Cyber risk is a growing part of the larger risk portfolio. Aon’s approach helps quantify probable cyber losses so businesses can make decisions to transfer the risk via cyber insurance.

  • Cyber Insurance

    Cyber insurance provides coverage to protect against financial risks posed by cyber security threats.

Recover From Cyber Attacks (3)

3 Solutions

When a cyber-attack occurs, Aon helps organizations respond effectively in real time, research the causes of the incident and take concrete steps to help clients become more resilient against future attacks.

  • Digital Forensics Services

    Digital forensics, at a high level, includes the in-depth analysis of electronic or digital media artifacts to determine the activity on that device.

  • Incident Response

    Cyber incident response services enable organizations to quickly contain and remediate the damage caused by cyber security incidents.

  • Post-Breach Advisory Services

    Following a cyber attack, we'll work closely with you to recover so your can more quickly and confidently navigate challenges.

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