Visualize and quantify your exposures to risk with our innovative and versatile platform - ImpactOnDemand



ImpactOnDemand® provides clients a diverse feature set to efficiently and accurately quantify, analyze, and visualize their exposures. Whether through Concentration Studies, Catastrophe Response reports, or through the Business Intelligence module, insights are easily extracted using this platform.


The Advantages

  • Global - ImpactOnDemand is a global tool that allows clients to visualize portfolios from any country, region, territory, or state.

  • Visualizations - Over 10 different ways to visualize your data inclusing heat maps, point thematics, and scaled value ensuring that clients can always visualize data in a way that readily provides insights.

  • Insights - Concentration studies, location reports, catastrophe response, business intelligence and the extensive shape library provide clients with the ability to make insights from several different sources. Clients can also set up catastrophe alerts so they know exactly how much exposure they have as an event occurs.

  • Speed, security, and flexibility - Securely upload massive amounts of data (up to 200 MB) in seconds from any web browser.

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