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In line with the ever increasing sophistication of the aviation market, our Aviation team has capabilities far beyond those of the traditional intermediary, allowing us to operate as our clients’ trusted risk partner with resources to accommodate every part of their business. We provide your firm with the most appropriate solutions, through consultancy services, analytical tools and risk products that sustain and enhance our clients’ position in the market.

Our worldwide team comprises the most experienced marketing executives, technical experts, consultants, claims administrators, processors and operational staff.

Leadership in Aviation

As intermediary of choice on many of the largest global aviation programs, we have unrivalled experience in both your peer group and the reinsurance market, which allows us to structure the very best risk transfer solutions in order that your business can optimize its use of capital and manage the cycle.

  • Our team transacts approximately 30 percent of all aviation reinsurance business globally
  • We place more than USD430 million premium into the global reinsurance markets annually
  • We represent in excess of 50 percent of aviation clients worldwide
  • Our team provides access to the world’s premier reinsurers – both traditional and non-traditional

A Range of Innovative Solutions

Our proprietary solutions help our clients deal with the unique risks presented by the aviation sector and support their in-house decision making.


  • AeroMetrica is a ground-up aviation excess of loss pricing model and aggregation tool and part of our ReMetrica product
  • AeroMetrica sets the benchmark for excess of loss pricing for major risk business, allowing for detailed pricing, volatility and reinsurance optimization analysis
  • Aviation Consultancy & Reinsurance Aerospace Statistical History (ACRaSh)
  • Details of the circumstances surrounding over 4,000 major incidents
  • Enhanced incident details including monetary settlement progression on more than 400 major losses since 1983

Gauss (Innovative Web-based Pricing Tool)

  • Guass supports the underwriting decisions, management reporting and compliance requirements of key London-based international aviation markets
  • Utilizes exposure details for each fleet and clients’ own loss data to determine a technical price, providing clients with a customized model and access to detailed data

Global ReSpecialty

Global ReSpecialty comprises more than 130 colleagues operating across 60 product lines, including Aviation, Marine & Energy, and Non-Marine Retrocession. As the leaders and pioneers in the industry Global ReSpecialty has the resources to work with every part of our clients’ businesses with capabilities that span multiple lines and territories. Together, and with our other integrated teams, we take a holistic view of your business and objectives and use our expertise and analytical tools to act as your risk management advisor.

Facultative Solutions

Our Aviation team has the resources to manage the full range of aviation exposures. We partner with our clients to implement solutions that deliver optimum results, either complementing their existing reinsurance program protections, or providing one-off standalone risk transfer options. Our team has immediate access to the latest analytical tools and information databases, in order that we can work on their behalf to achieve the best rates, terms and conditions for their individual risk placements.

White Paper 2020: Coming Through the Clouds

Risk and opportunity for the aviation Industry in a post-pandemic world: During our recent webinar series, industry experts and Aon specialists shared insights across all aspects of aviation business - in this paper we capture their key messages and look ahead to new opportunities on the horizon.

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