Taking the risk out of risk and capital modelling

Businesses today face unprecedented challenges with evolving regulation, accounting standards and economic pressures. In response, the risk professional’s role has rapidly gained in importance to help companies adapt quickly and mitigate their risks and dependencies for sustainable operations and growth.

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Introducing Aon’s ReMetrica

Risk modelling has become even more critical today as we navigate new forms of volatility and rethink access to capital. 

Aon’s award-winning risk and capital modelling software allows users to harness insurers’ data to optimise financial planning and reinforce strategic decision making.

Following the introduction of regulation such as Solvency II in Europe, ORSA in the United States and C-ROSS in China, insurers are demanding more value from their investment in capital models. This trend has caused a shift in how actuaries, catastrophe modellers and other risk analysts use models – from identifying solvency capital requirements to simulating financial strategies dealing with capital allocation and business optimisation.

The platform is designed to allow insurers, reinsurers, consultants, captives and regulators to easily bring insightful, risk-based financial modelling to the forefront of strategic decision-making.

ReMetrica offers its users a robust and expansive toolkit to stay ahead of market demands and regulatory scrutiny. By leveraging the latest technology available today, ReMetrica prepares global capital teams with a scalable solution ready for the next 10 years ahead.

Utilising stochastic simulation ReMetrica helps its users analyse catastrophe, reinsurance and financial data for capital optimisation, business planning and reinsurance structuring and pricing.


Aon's Capital Modeling Conference 2022

Presentation recordings now available on demand

These are challenging times for insurers, as they seek to optimize capital against a backdrop of rapid inflation, low investment income, climate change and geopolitical uncertainties.

Our 2022 Capital Modeling conference aims to inspire CFOs, CROs, actuaries and analysts to use data to make more informed decisions that will mitigate emerging risks, maximize opportunities and drive growth for organizations.

ReMetrica Solutions

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