COVID-19: The Reinsurance Solutions perspective

As the insurance industry works tirelessly to support businesses and communities, Aon is helping clients manage and mitigate the impact of COVID-19. Risk management measures span reinsurance protection, capital management measures, diversification and analytics across lines of business including life and health, non-damage business interruption, contingency and credit plus catastrophe bond options.

Please contact our experts to find out how we can work in partnership to help you during these unprecedented times:

Line of Business Leader

Aviation: Mark Skilton
Casualty: George DeMenocal
Contingency: Hugo Raymond
Cyber: Catherine Mulligan
Government: Joe Monaghan
Health: Roger Smith
Life: Colin Dutkiewicz
Marine: Tom Wakefield
Medical Malpractice: David Sullivan
Professional Liability / D&O: Frank Hand
Property (incl. non-damage business interruption): Alan Gregory
Retro: Richard Wheeler
Surety: Randy Temple
Trade Credit: Phil Bonner
Transaction Liability: Sean McDowell
Travel Insurance: Maddy Larke
Workers' Compensation: Jim Conroy

Areas of Expertise Leader

Capital Advisory/Structured Solutions: Kelly Superczynski
Insurance Linked-Securities/NewCos: Mitchell Rosenberg
Investment Consulting: Duke Williams
Rating Agency: Pat Matthews



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Report: COVID-19: Initial Insurance Market Impact Assessment of the Pandemic
March 19, 2020

Reinsurance Solutions:
COVID-19 Client Briefings


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