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Global ReSpecialty

As our clients' operations become ever more complex, they look to an experienced advisor to provide flexible and dynamic solutions that encompass a wide range of risks across a number of different classes and territories. Our Global ReSpecialty team operates wtih a single P&L and cross-boundary business model to give our clients unprecedented access to the industry's premier reinsurance expertise and cutting edge analytical tools.

We recognize that our clients are more than just a group of lines or classes of business. Rather than work in silos, we take a comprehensive view of our clients' challenges and use our knowledge capital and proprietary tools to provide the best advice.

The Global ReSpecialty team draws on our USD100+ million annual investment in analytical tools and innovative offerings. This allows the team to model increasingly complex scenarios, and structure detailed risk transfer solutions that utilize the markets most appropriate to meet each client's unique objectives.

Operating globally, the team has the resources to work with every part of our clients' businesses by utilizing global capabilities that span multiple lines and territories. Our teams in Aviation, Marine, Specialty, Composite, and Non-Marine are leaders and pioneers in the industry. Together, and with other affiliated teams, we take a holistic view of your business and objectives and use our expertise and analytical tools to act as your trusted risk management advisor.

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