Reinsurance Solutions: Stuctured Solutions (ReSolutions)

Structured Solutions (ReSolutions)

Our Structured Solutions (ReSolutions) team develops unique reinsurance solutions and coverage for risks outside the traditional reinsurance realm. We assess each client’s situation and provide tailored risk transfer solutions that efficiently manage capital and optimize balance sheet strength.

Customized creative reinsurance solutions

  • Cost efficient quota share reinsurance to facilitate rating agency or statutory capital goals
  • Multiple year catastrophe reinsurance structures that offer cost efficient protection
  • Aggregate stop loss structures that provide significant capital benefit by reducing earnings volatility
  • Loss portfolio transfer / adverse development covers to manage adverse development on carried reserves to provide capital relief and manage reserve volatility

Benefits for clients

  • Improved capital position through reinsurance at an attractive cost
  • Reduced volatility of earnings
  • Reduced management distraction from business that are no longer strategic
  • Guaranteed investment yield in excess of current yield on corresponding assets

Globally integrated ReSolutions team


Composed of professionals with backgrounds in underwriting, actuarial analysis, reinsurance broking & finance, ReSolutions works closely with our actuarial and rating agency teams to develop creative reinsurance solutions based on each client's risk and capital position. We have industry leading experience in structuring the transaction that most efficiently meet clients' goals.

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