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Inclusion Initiatives

Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

Aon plc is committed to creating a winning and inclusive culture with growth and development opportunities for everyone. Diversity is the foundation on which we have built our world-class organization, unparalleled in delivering distinctive value to clients in risk, retirement and health.

Inclusion at Aon can be defined as a sense of belonging, feeling respected, valued for who you are; the achievement of a work environment where all colleagues can do their best work, have fair and equal access to opportunities and resources, and can contribute fully to the organization’s success. It is the power to align and integrate Inclusion concepts and offerings into all areas of Aon that ultimately drive business, create opportunities, and serve our clients internally and externally.

Harnessing the multiplicity of cultures, backgrounds, and experiences of our talent will increase the quality of work yielding greater innovation and business results, ultimately shifting the organization from awareness to understanding.

Aon's Inclusion strategy aligns with our overall business and talent goals and the Aon Impact Model (AIM) and has three areas of focus: increasing Workforce Diversity, driving an Inclusive Culture and improving Cultural Competence.

Business Resource Groups at Aon

Aon’s seven Business Resource Groups (BRGs) were formed by volunteers to help us identify and understand the challenges faced by our colleagues, communities and clients. The groups are managed by employees and representatives sit on the Diversity Council.

The Business Resource Groups advise on policy development and products and solutions for clients provide social and business networking opportunities for member provide support and a safe environment for any employee who seeks them out aim to improve recruitment, retention and career development for all strive to enhance Aon’s image as an inclusive employer and increase colleagues’ cultural awareness and understanding of diversity issues.

Diversity & Inclusion at Aon
  • Aon Pride Alliance
  • Gender IQ network
  • Linking Generations
  • Mental Health network
  • Multicultural Network
  • Parent and Carers Group
  • Workability

The Diversity Council

The council manages and champions inclusion at Aon. It consists of senior executives, executive sponsors of the BRGs and representatives from HR and the BRGs themselves. It is chaired by the Head of Diversity and Inclusion. The council meets quarterly as a minimum.