United Kingdom

Mental Health Network at Aon

The Mental Health Group is a colleague led organisation which strives to drive awareness and support mental health issues both in and out of the workplace.

The key objectives of the group are:

  • Get the conversation started by raising awareness and challenging any underlying stigma
  • Create an environment where all colleagues feel safe and comfortable to talk
  • Provide awareness training and support for both managers and colleagues to confidently address the issues at play
  • Help Aon to be an employer of choice for those who experience mental health challenges
  • Whilst the themes of depression and anxiety are likely to be our core areas of focus, ensure that the full scope of the topic is covered
  • Undertake charitable efforts which are aligned to campaigns and initiatives driven by mental health charities or organisations.

Positive storytelling:

We are fortunate to have had a number of colleagues share their stories within Aon. A link is provided below to our “This is Me” video blog of seven brave colleagues sharing their story, which won an Insurance Times Award for Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion.