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The Well One app uses smart, accessible data analytics distilled through the physical, emotional, social and financial wellbeing of individuals, teams and the wider business into simple health scores. It helps bring focus and clarity to your strategy, whilst enabling healthy behaviour change across your organisation.

Reduce risk to
your business

Partner with employees, helping to reduce the risk to their health and to your business.

Make clear

Employees can compare their health scores with others across the organisation, while you can compare across demographics, locations and teams and benchmark against other businesses in your industry.

A simple,
useful assessment

The Well One app feeds back data analysis as simple scores for your organisation. Your employees can understand where they are today, so they can plan for tomorrow.

Get instant access

Data-driven insights are captured on a clear, easy-to-use dashboard. Instantly see the health and wellbeing changes of your employees and teams around the world, and measure progress over time.

Create positive change

Well One uses coaching, challenges and rewards to enable sustainable healthy behaviour change.

Provide a supportive culture

Show you care and want to support your employees by taking action and providing something that helps them to improve their health and wellbeing.

Work with a leading global advisor

Employing 50,000 colleagues in 120 countries, Aon is a leading global consultant specialising in risk, retirement and health.

Led by experts

Our team includes actuaries, physicians, clinicians and consultants and with Well One, our advice is now informed by deeper data insights than ever before, to deliver a return on your health investment.

Benefits for


Well One helps your employees to measure and manage not just their physical, but their emotional, social and financial wellbeing too, in an easy and fun way.


Education and insight

Well One helps give your employees the awareness and understanding they need to better manage their lifestyle and finances.

Digital coaching

Provides real-time feedback to help employees take steps to feel healthier, happier and reduce their financial worries.

Connect socially

Alongside their colleagues, employees can take part in challenges that motivate and inspire each other.

Flexible Rewards and Recognition

Employees can earn points and recognition for their efforts and benefit from your company’s reward offer.

Simple health scores

Employees can easily understand how well they are doing, track their progress and plan for tomorrow.

Sync apps and wearables

Well One captures data from other popular wearables and apps, helping your employees to measure and manage their health in one place.

Driven by data


Enable sustainable, healthy behaviour change across your organisation with clear, data-driven insights all in one place.


Making wellbeing data


The Well One dashboard offers a wealth of insights into your employees' wellbeing - not just providing an overview of your organisation's health, but also the ability to drill down into countries, business units, demographics and specific time periods.

Health scores can be viewed in the context of lifestyle, body, mind and financial wellbeing, and also in more detailed categories such as sleep, depression, nutrition and movement. You can monitor user engagement with the platform, participation in challenges, observe the impact of the app on users’ health and much, much more.

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