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Global retirement management

Managing global retirement programs is a significant challenge for multi-national organizations.

Making and executing strategic DB and DC design, financial and operational decisions globally is complex. Too often, global pension and benefits directors are tied up in detail – which prevents them from focusing on the strategic aspects of managing their retirement programs.

We can help you with the biggest challenges you face on global retirement:

Knowledge management

  • Data management: ensuring data on your retirement plans is readily available
  • Market developments: understanding what is changing in local countries: legislation, market trends, and solutions
  • Risk insights: understanding the risks you face and the options available to best manage them, via Risk Analyzer, our market-leading online risk management tool

Executing your strategy

  • Prioritizing asset and liability management decisions across multiple countries
  • Overseeing local benefits activity and decisions
  • Supported by a leading-edge technology platform

2018 Global Benefits Operations and Governance Study

Carried out by Aon and the American Benefits Institute, our new study provides key insights into benefits governance and operations practices worldwide.

It is the third in a series of similar studies. The 2018/19 Study examines trends since 2012, when the first study was published, as well as looking forward to firms’ expected approaches to benefits governance in future.

Find out how the 250 multinational participants are tackling benefits governance. Read insights into best practice and shared approaches among the best-performing companies, including on:

  • Progress firms have made with global governance since the last Study
  • What differentiates Best Practice companies from others on governance
  • Firms’ biggest governance concerns
  • Key drivers and enablers of best practice governance
  • Barriers to achieving best practice
  • The financial gains improved governance can deliver

Download a copy of the Study here.

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