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Navigating you through your de-risking journey: the 2018 Risk Settlement Review

Aon's annual review of the risk settlement market looks at the latest activity in bulk annuities, longevity swaps and other pension risk transfer options.

It’s essential reading for any firm interested in transferring pensions, or just learning more about the current pension risk transfer landscape.

Highlights of the 2018 review include:

  • Review of 2017 activity, when over £18bn of risk was transferred to bulk annuity and longevity swap providers
  • Findings from Aon’s first Risk Settlement Survey, carried out in late 2017
  • A review of the bulk annuities market, examining a year of strong market opportunities, and looking at how schemes – even smaller ones – can achieve success
  • Long-term strategies – the best approaches to buy-in and buyout, and why preparation is key
  • The state of play in the longevity swap market
  • Longevity risk issues to consider
  • The overseas market for risk settlement
  • A look forward to the rest of 2018, when the bulk annuities market is expected to exceed £30bn for the first time ever

To read this comprehensive overview of the pension risk settlement market, download a free copy of our '2018 Risk Settlement Market Review' below.

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Bulk Annuities

Chapter 1 - Bulk Annuities

This chapter covers:

  • A year of increasingly strong market opportunities
  • Full scheme bulk annuities – a case study
  • Innovative asset strategies support better annuity pricing
  • Pre-Compass Checklist
  • Key opportunities for smaller schemes

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Long Term Strategies

Chapter 2 - Long-term strategies

This chapter covers:

  • Navigating phased buy-ins
  • Navigating the best insurance outcomes
  • The journey to buyout
  • The hidden value of annuities

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Longevity Swaps

Chapter 3 - Longevity Swaps

This chapter covers:

  • Navigating the UK longevity swap market
  • Main players in the longevity reinsurance market
  • Solvency II requirements for longevity risk

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Longevity Risks

Chapter 4 - Longevity Risk

This chapter covers:

  • Changing views on longevity trends
  • Longevity market dislocation and relocation

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Chapter 5 - Overseas

This chapter covers:

  • Navigating international settlement markets

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