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Defined Benefit Pensions

Defined Benefits (DB) pension plans are typically legacy arrangements or are steadily approaching that status. Through our experience as a leading UK Actuarial Consultant and Investment Adviser, we know that the challenge now facing DB plans is how to systematically reduce risk and bring greater confidence to a scheme's finances.

At Aon, we look to a future of 'Pensions Stability' - a future in which risk will usually be significantly lower than today for both trustees (in terms of paying benefits to members) and for sponsors (in terms of not having to pay further or unexpected contributions).

DB schemes have different views on what their long term position should be and will have different requirements in relation to the advice they receive and the actions they take, both financial and operational, as they move towards and reach this target. However, this widespread desire to reach a future that involves fewer surprises, less intervention and less chance of eventual surplus or deficit is at the core of Pensions Stability.

A vast, fast moving range of tools exists to help schemes manage risk and find stability. However, we also believe that a much neglected area is the operational effectiveness of DB plans and specifically whether they are organised in the best way to deliver stability.

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