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Aon Hewitt Washington Report Index

Aon Hewitt Washington Report Index 2016


Weekly legislative updates affecting the U.S. workforce and workplace.

Aon Hewitt Washington Report - 5/23/16
  • Spring 2016 Semiannual Regulatory Agendas Released
  • DOL Announces Final Overtime Rule
  • Now Available: Final Fiduciary Regulations – Overview for Plan Sponsors
  • Webinar Opportunity: “A Deep Dive Into ERISA’s Fiduciary Regulations – What Do They Mean for Plan Sponsors?”
  • EEOC Issues Final Wellness Program Rules Under ADA and GINA
Aon Hewitt Washington Report 5/16/16
  • EEOC Issues Final Regulations on How Wellness Programs Can Comply With GINA and ADA
  • HHS Releases Final Anti-Discrimination Health Care Rule
  • PBGC Releases Interim Final Rule on Adjustment of Civil Penalties
  • EEOC Releases Information on Employer-Provided Leave and the ADA
  • Departments Release Thirty-First Set of Frequently Asked Questions
Aon Hewitt Washington Report 5/09/16
  • EEOC Releases Fact Sheet on Transgender Bathroom Access Rights
  • Now Available: Aon Hewitt Retirement Legal Consulting and Compliance Quarterly Update
Aon Hewitt Washington Report 5/2/16
  • House Approves Resolution Prohibiting Fiduciary Rule From Taking Effect
  • PBGC Proposes Rule to Lower Premium Penalties
  • Treasury, IRS Release Third Quarter Update to 2015–2016 Priority Guidance Plan
  • DOL Releases New FMLA Employer Guidebook and Revised Notice Poster
  • IRS Issues 2017 HSA Limits
Aon Hewitt Washington Report 4/25/16
  • Departments Issue FAQs on Affordable Care Act; Include Mental Health Parity and Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act Implementation
Aon Hewitt Washington Report 4/18/16
  • Treasury, IRS Announce Withdrawal of Proposed Nondiscrimination Rules Applicable to Certain Qualified Retirement Plan Benefit Formulas
Aon Hewitt Washington Report 4/11/16
  • New Version of Summary of Benefits and Coverage Finalized
  • DOL Releases Final Rule on Definition of the Term “Fiduciary”; Conflict of Interest
Aon Hewitt Washington Report 4/4/16
  • USCIS Instructs Employers to Continue Using Current Form I-9
  • USCIS Publishes 30-Day Notice Inviting Comment on Proposed Changes to Form I-9
  • Departments Issue Revised Proposed SBC Templates, Instructions, and Related Materials
  • HHS Launches 2016 Phase 2 HIPAA Audit Program
Aon Hewitt Washington Report 3/28/16
  • Congressional Calendar
  • PBGC Issues Final Rule on Annual Financial and Actuarial Information Reporting
Aon Hewitt Washington Report 3/21/16
  • IRS Invites Public Comment for 2016-2017 Priority Guidance Plan
Aon Hewitt Washington Report 3/14/16
  • Departments Issue FAQ on SBC Implementation Date
  • IRS Releases Memorandum on Tax Treatment of Retroactive Transit Benefits
  • IRS Provides Guidance and Transition Relief for Employers Claiming the Work Opportunity Tax Credit
  • EEOC Issues New Fact Sheet for Small Businesses
Aon Hewitt Washington Report 3/7/16
  • IRS Releases Chart of 2016 Health Coverage Information Return Deadlines
  • CMS Issues Final Regulations on 2017 Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters
  • IRS Clarifies Compliance Questions Plan Sponsors Should Not Answer on Forms 5500
  • DOL Proposes Sick Leave Rules for Federal Contractors
Aon Hewitt Washington Report 2/29/16
  • DOL Issues Proposed Regulations on Paid Sick Leave for Federal Contractors
  • Colleges and Universities Have Until 2017 to Revise Noncompliant Student Health Plans
Aon Hewitt Washington Report 2/22/16
  • 2016 Covered Compensation Tables Released by IRS
  • IRS Instructs Plan Sponsors to Not Answer Compliance Questions on Forms 5500
Aon Hewitt Washington Report 2/15/16
  • President Proposes Fiscal Year 2017 Budget
  • Now Available: Aon Hewitt Retirement Legal Consulting and Compliance Quarterly Update
Aon Hewitt Washington Report 2/8/16
  • President Obama to Release 2017 Budget
  • IRS Issues Guidance on the Application of the Market Reforms and Other Provisions of the Affordable Care Act to Student Health Coverage
  • EEOC Releases Proposed Changes to EEO-1 Report
Aon Hewitt Washington Report 2/1/16
  • President Obama to Release 2017 Budget
  • IRS Issues Guidance on Health Insurance Providers Fee; Procedural and Administrative Guidance
  • IRS Issues Proposed Rules on Nondiscrimination Relief for Closed Defined Benefit Pension Plans and Additional Changes to the Retirement Plan Nondiscrimination Requirements
  • IRS Provides Guidance on Midyear Changes to Safe Harbor Plans
  • Now Available: Aon Hewitt Compliance Calendar—Significant Compensation and Benefit Due Dates for 2016
Aon Hewitt Washington Report Special Edition 01/28/16
  • Now Available: Aon Hewitt Compliance Calendar - Significant Compensation and Benefit Due Dates for 2016
Aon Hewitt Washington Report 1/25/16
  • DOL Issues Administrator’s Interpretation on Joint Employment
Aon Hewitt Washington Report 1/18/16
  • President Obama Delivers Final State of the Union Address: “I Want to Focus on Our Future”
  • IRS Releases Five Affordable Care Act Facts for ALEs
  • IRS Issues Notice on Application of Retroactive Increase in Excludable Transit Benefits
  • Treasury and IRS Issue Q&As on Affordable Care Act’s Group Market Reforms and HRAs, FSAs, Flex Plans, COBRA, and Opt-Outs
  • Agencies Issue Final Rules for Affordable Care Act's Group Market Reforms and Grandfathered Health Plans
  • 2016 Medicare Part D Disclosure Reminder
Aon Hewitt Washington Report 1/11/16
  • Presidential State of the Union Address Scheduled for January 12, 2016
  • President Vetoes Bill That Would Have Repealed Much of Affordable Care Act
  • IRS Extends Due Dates for 2015 Affordable Care Act Information Reporting Requirements
  • PBGC Releases Second Annual Report of the Participant and Plan Sponsor Advocate
  • PBGC: My PAA Ready for 2016 Premium Filings
  • IRS Releases Notice on Revisions to the Employee Plans Determination Letter Program Regarding Cycle A Elections, Determination Letter Expiration Dates, and Extension of Deadlines for Certain Defined Contribution Pre-Approved Plans
  • IRS Releases Additional Information Regarding Federal Tax Treatment of Identity Protection Services
  • IRS Extends Due Dates for Affordable Care Act Reporting
  • Aon Hewitt Publications on Federal Developments in 2015