Engagement Hexagon

Your Aon Inpoint team is led by a Strategic Account Manager who will take overall responsibility to understand your business and integrate Aon Inpoint’s powerful capabilities using our proven techniques to engage effectively and globally across our organizations.

The key roles in our service delivery team for each Aon Inpoint Carrier are:

  • the Strategic Account Manager, who manages Aon Inpoint’s overall service delivery to the Carrier across all territories and all services
  • the Lead Consultant, who collaborates with the Strategic Account Manager and leads our advisory services to the carrier
  • the Lead Analyst from the Aon Centres for Innovation and Analytics, who provide tailored data services to the carrier.

The Strategic Account Manager is supported in relationship management services by Aon Inpoint engagement leaders located in the regions. They provide local market knowledge and insight, deep distribution experience and the ability to ‘join up’ Aon and carrier organisations. They also support carriers in adopting Aon Inpoint’s carrier analytics capabilities (such as the Carrier Dashboard and opportunity pipeline).

The Strategic Account Manager, the Lead Analyst and the Lead Consultant jointly lead a ‘Discovery’ process to identify potential sources of value for the carrier at both strategic and tactical levels. Along with the regional engagement leaders and a team of analysts, they work with senior management from the carrier to understand the carrier’s business context and strategy, benchmark the carrier’s position in the Aon book and identify areas that offer greatest opportunity for the carrier. The team leverage Aon’s data and analytical tools as well as client data to support the effort and provide fact based insight. The joint Aon Inpoint/carrier team then prioritise initiatives based on potential value and ease of implementation.

Our teams are organised flexibly, bringing together the best skills for each individual carrier initiative. Our colleagues thrive on variety and working with colleagues who challenge them to think differently. The flexibility of our career paths and the challenging work have led to very low levels of staff turnover, which ensures that talented individuals stay with Aon Inpoint and continuously deliver richer experience and deeper insight to their carriers.