How we get results for our clients

Are you realizing the power of debt cancellation?

We bring hands-on experts and end-to-end solutions designed specifically for your organization. With our trademark Plan for Action® business development process, you will be amazed how efficiently you can bring new opportunities to market and eliminate the risks of the unknown. We combine our focus on debt cancellation with complete solutions that get results.

A typical debt cancellation program launched by Aon takes just four to five months compared to a go-it-alone effort that can take about one to two and a half years. We connect detailed processes that are designed to bring out the power of debt cancellation in an effective, error-free manner with task lists and clear responsibilities for getting things done. We will help you address all the issues of launching a program, sustaining it and pleasing your lending customers all along the way.

Only our team specializes in debt cancellation programs and is fully invested in having the resources and knowledge to succeed with these programs. What we deliver can help you realize the power of debt cancellation:

  • Practical, workable solutions for your lending situation and sales environment.
  • Strategies that help you implement a successful debt cancellation or debt suspension program.
  • Programs designed to bring added value to you and your customer.
  • Experienced people and a team of functional experts who address all issues related to developing and growing your program.
  • Deep expertise on critical issues such as your authority pathway, regulatory environment, compliance, and the marketing of your program.
  • Systems support to help get your program up and keep it running.
  • Proven track record serving some of America's largest lenders.