A summary of the services performed

Are you realizing the power of debt cancellation?

The operative word is "support" and it varies based on the requirements of the lender. Many have selected Aon because we have the expertise and know-how to design, deploy, market and administer an effective, reliable program. And, we have carefully learned proven best practices that will improve your chance of success in running a sound and growing debt cancellation program for your organization. Best practices are delivered in program design and development, risk mitigation, marketing and sales support and overall program administration.

Aon's debt cancellation support is delivered 12 ways:


To pull it all together, we assign a dedicated Program Champion who serves a critical role as the central contact and liaison between our respective teams. They coordinate planning, track our progress, and make certain that information is delivered in a timely manner and ensures all promises are kept. The Program Champion is surrounded by a functional team in all needed disciplines, including:

  • Regulatory and compliance expertise
    We affirm your "authority pathway", meaning your lending charter provides the authority or right to sell a debt cancellation type agreement to your customers. Then we get to work in crafting readable and compliant disclosures that are the core of your program.
  • Product design & development expertise
    We blend consumer input, product design support from actuarial talent, and marketing and sales expertise to put it all together. You will end up with a debt cancellation product platform that makes sense for you and your customers.
  • Systems support
    Our systems team builds any and all necessary data interfaces to enable sales, process enrollments, fulfillment, billing, and customer care. In short, we can deploy our systems to perform in any environment in which you currently operate. Our Debt Management System® platform is the key reason we can deliver.
  • Marketing expertise applied to all forms of selling
    Our team brings significant marketing expertise to your program. Initial work includes branding your new program and determining the best marketing channels to reach your customers at the right time and place. We have experience in selling debt cancellation through every conceivable marketing channel and can train your people to cross-sell the program effectively.
  • A great experience for your customer
    When answers are needed, your customer will reach out to our Customer Care teams. The entire customer service experience will be branded and supported by our Debt Management System that enables us to provide efficient customer service in a real time environment. And we will stand ready to serve your customers through bilingual customer care representatives.

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