Smart Preparations for Today’s Adventure Traveler

Smart Preparations for Today’s Adventure Traveler


Nov 15, 2017 | by Aon

If you think the realm of adventure travel only applies to bungee jumping, rock-climbing 20-somethings, think again. The appeal of active travel is varied in terms of the experiences travelers can explore, and the ages and types of travelers it attracts.

This more than $345 billion industry is attracting travelers seeking an active, immersive experience with the natural and cultural treasures the world has to offer. According to the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), adventure travel has accelerated at a 65 percent annual rate since 2009 with customized itineraries and soft adventures (hello exploration on the Galapagos Islands, African safaris and Mediterranean sail trips) as two of the most popular and fastest-growing adventure segments. Even luxury cruising is packing in adventurous excursions like the inaccessible Northwest Passage or trips to Antarctica.

Adventure travel presents unique opportunities and unique risks for travelers. As this type of travel continues to grow in popularity, travelers need to evaluate the nuances in preparation and planning to set themselves up for the right experience. Here’s advice from the experts at Aon Affinity Travel as you dive into your next adventure around the globe:

  • Pack less – Keeping yourself light will help you stay fast and nimble on the ground. Stick with the essentials and be a sharp judge of necessity. When gear is required, work with respected tour operators who can help you gain access to the tools you’ll need for that portion of the trip. Items with limited purpose also could be gifted along your travels once they’ve been put to use.
  • Be respectful – The definition of adventure travel means engaging with nature and/or culture. Both deserve your respect as a traveler, so study your destination in advance to understand what environmental or cultural sensitivities you should factor into your plans.
  • Book a check-up – Talk to your doctor well before you depart to make sure you’re physically fit to take on the challenges ahead and have the appropriate vaccinations or boosters addressed. There may be common ailments such as high altitude sickness or stomach bugs you will want to guard against to keep your trip on the right track.
  • Ensure you’re insured – Prepare for the unplanned by reviewing what your current medical coverage covers in case of a medical emergency while you’re traveling. More severe emergencies, which may require emergency evacuation, are costly and may not be covered in your existing insurance, so explore supplementary coverage for medical benefits as well as overall travel protection for your goods and investment.
  • Stash some cash – There may not be ATMs on every street corner where you’re headed…or any streets for that matter. So be sure to stash some local currency in your pack or on you for times when there isn’t a card swipe to be found.
  • Create and share – Your travels will likely take you to unfamiliar places, places your friends and family have never explored. Help them understand the stories, the issues, the ideas, the opportunities you’re discovering and help your community grow its understanding of the world through your travel perspective.
  • Be open, be brave – Adventure travel means getting outside of your comfort zone and exploring places and experiences hands on. Seek out the unplanned, say “yes” to new opportunities and let the trip take you. Walk, bike, climb, swim, paddle or sail whenever you can to ensure you’re capturing experiences in your destinations from the ground, up.

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