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Cyber risk is one of the leading concerns for businesses today. As companies continue on the path to digitalisation and interconnectivity, network integrity and data security are paramount. To keep up with the evolving risk, organisations must continuously improve cyber resilience capabilities and have a suitable cyber insurance program in place.
Aon’s holistic services have been designed to meet organisations’ needs at every stage of the cyber risk management cycle.
Cyber risk management cycle 
Understand your financial exposure to cyber events
  • Cyber Impact Analysis

Test the effectiveness of your cyber security controls
  • CyberScan
  • Adversary Attack Simulation (Red / Purple Team)
  • Security Testing
  • Managed Detection & Response

Protect your balance sheet
  • Cyber Insurance

Recover systems and restore your business
  • Incident Response
  • Digital Forensics
  • Compromise Assessment
  • Endpoint Protection Platform
  • Managed/Extended Detection & Response