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Across Asia, Aon participates in a variety of sector-specific conferences and exhibitions as well as holding regular seminars, webinars, conferences and events focusing on key issues of client interest. For more information please contact us.

October 2021

6 Oct

World Mental Health Day
Moving Beyond Awareness to Improve Access, Reduce Stigma, and Foster Advocacy How Trade


11.00 – 12.00 GMT +8

Speakers:Dr. Myralini Santhira Thesan at AIA Group, Edna Cheng at Morgan Stanley, Odile Thiang at Mind HK, and Amanda Mercep at Aon
World Mental Health Day is taking place next month on Sunday, 10 October.
According to Aon’s 2021 Global Wellbeing Survey, the top three issues affecting employee wellbeing are work-life balance, working environment and culture, and mental health. The survey also found that besides impacting individuals, stress, burnout, and anxiety also impact company performance.
The pandemic has spurred new initiatives to better support the total wellbeing of employees – with 65% of companies now incorporating emotional wellbeing initiatives into their strategies. However, there are many opportunities that still exist to improve access to mental health support, combat stigma, and advocate for improving mental health in the workplace.
Join us and our panel of employers and experts on Wednesday, 6 October at 11.00am GMT+8 on:
  • How companies can improve access to mental health resources and support
  • What stigma looks like in the workplace, its implications, and how to combat it
  • Ways to increase advocacy efforts for your organisation’s wellbeing objectives.
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November 2021

3 Nov

洞悉风险 立新领航


13:00 – 17:30 GMT +8

这是一个“巨变”的时代:国际关系日益复杂、经济形势扑朔迷离、市场变化一日千里、发展动能蝶变升级。身处“巨变”的时代, 企业面对的风险更加纷繁复杂,用过去的经验和传统的方式已无法适应当下的挑战和高速的发展。如何洞悉风险,行稳致远是行业每一个企业的必修课。
  • 变革大势之下的金融创新与转型
  • “双碳”背景下企业面临的风险管理变革
  • 《数据安全法》解读及保护措施
  • 职业健康五大维度之财务健康
  • 如何打造韧性组织
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8-9 Nov

Aon Insights Series 2021: Asia
Shaping Better Business Decisions


8 Nov: 13:30 – 18:00 GMT +8
    9 Nov: 09:00 – 13:00 GMT +8

Speakers:Greg Case, Eric Andersen Lisa Stevens, Lee Murphy, Karl Woon, Nitin Apte, Christopher Reynolds, Dr. Deborah Pretty, Wendy Sim, Ronald Cheung, Steve Wilford, Azran Osman-Rani, and many more!
Whether you are running a multinational or public service company or growing a start-up, success in the new normal will depend on making the right decisions at the right time. Returning for its sixth run, the Aon Insights Series 2021: Asia explores how leading-edge data-driven insights and analysis can help business leaders understand risks, seize opportunities, and make better decisions. Integrating social factors is critical in creating better financial outcomes and faring better in corporate social responsibility measures.
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