Resilient Conversations Webinar Series


The Asia-Pacific Resilient Conversations webinar series will dive into important new health and wellbeing topics and highlighting some of the region's most innovative providers.

Integrating Wellbeing into The Everyday Workplace
Building a resilient workforce
Watch the first webinar in our Resilient Conversations series for 2023 with Pavelka’s Jessie Pavelka and Alan Oates, our Asia-Pacific Head of Advisory and Specialty, Health Solutions, to find out why wellbeing is now part of everyday business decision making and how your organisation could benefit from a tailored programme.
Creating Psychologically Safe Workplaces
Building a resilient workforce
As employers continue to face numerous sources of uncertainty and volatility, wellbeing continues to be a focus for organisations across the world. Hear Graeme Cowan, speaker, author and influencer on employee wellbeing and resilience, and Alan Oates, Asia Pacific head of advisory and specialty, Health Solutions, discuss how good managers create psychologically healthy workplaces, and why it’s important to build a culture that helps employees thrive by minimising mental health risk.
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