Recovery and first response

Recovery and first response

Please take precaution after a severe weather event has taken place.

Safety tips

Before entry to premises

  • Watch out for damaged trees and/or fallen infrastructure, such as power lines.
  • Check your home and/or business for damage prior to entry, including the foundations, walls, ceilings, and windows.
  • Ensure power and gas are switched off, if your property has been badly affected.
  • In the event of there being any real danger, call Emergency Services.

Upon entry

  • Inspect your property for spilled flammable liquid, and contaminations. Clean up where required.
  • Remove any excess water or debris from your premises, and dehumidify areas impacted.
  • Remove rugs and mop sodden carpets where possible.
  • Be wary of contamination to premises and water supply as a result of exposure to untreated waste.
  • Do not use and/or switch on electrical appliances you believe may have been affected.
  • Ensure fire protection systems are in service, and return any impaired fire protection systems, including alarm notification systems, to service.

Mitigating your loss

All insurance policies stipulate that you to mitigate your loss following an event. After the event has taken place, and you can access the premises securely, you will need to put appropriate measures in place to minimise any further loss and/or health and safety hazards.

Should you need to dispose of any property due to health and safety concerns, please take photographs of the damaged property, and inform Aon of your intention to dispose before proceeding.

For step by step instructions about making a claim, consult our our How to make a claim guide. The guide covers some frequently asked questions and what you can  expect from your insurer.


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