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Natural Resources Insurance

Globalization and consolidation have revolutionized the natural resources industry. Now, a one-dimensional approach to risk management can prevent your company from maximizing returns because of new and hidden risks. Natural Resources risk management allows your organization to efficiently assess and mitigate these challenges.

Aon can assist your organisation with identifying, evaluating, understanding and successfully managing all areas of natural resource risk.

Energy Risk Management 

Aon understand risk is a major characteristic of the energy and utilities sector and that cost-effective risk financing is a particularly challenging issue.

Aon’s Energy and Utilities Practice Group brings together a unique combination of risk consulting and broking advice to deliver carefully tailored innovative solutions matched to the needs of our clients.

Renewable Energy Insurance 

Focus on the renewable energy sector has never been higher, with governments around the world setting tough targets for the amount of energy provided by renewable sources. Aon’s dedicated renewable energy team provides innovative, cost effective renewable energy risk management and insurance programmes, helping this increasingly competitive industry meet the challenges it faces.

Mining and Metallurgy Consultants Insurance 

Mining and metallurgy consultants may face allegations of loss as a result of advice provided on areas such as business management, expert opinions and financial planning.  To help you manage your risk Aon have developed and insurance policy tailored for your industry.

Choose Aon for Natural Resources Insurance

Aon are dedicated natural resources professionals in the industry who understand the unique environments in which natural resource companies operate. Our years of experience, not only in controlling the cost of insurance coverage, but also in minimising the overall financial impact of exposures inherent to natural resource operations makes us a leader in risk management in this sector.